Google: Uncover Your World AdMob Experience

Wed, Aug 31, 2011
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I’m a huge fan of 3D printers, so this really hits the spot! It’s Google’s new campaign called “Uncover Your World” created to promote the Google Search app on iPhones via a rich media banner campaign on their AdMob platform.

The whole experience has been created in real-life with 3D printers, set on a stage and filmed in stop motion to make the whole thing “real”. The ad invites users to explore the practical and sometimes magical uses of the app; like searching by voice, by photo, and around your current location, all while showcasing the latest rich ad platform, utilising core features like inline audio and video, parallaxing, and integration with the accelerometer.

The video above is the making of, and well worth a watch! Grow Interactive created the amazing experience for Google. (thanks for sending over Eric!)

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