Google Social Search Demonstration Video

Tue, Oct 27, 2009
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So you’ve probably heard a fair bit of the hype around Google Social Search being launched this week, but are thinking what the hell is that, or better yet, how does it work for me? The video above on Google Social Search gives you a pretty quick demo from Maureen Heymans, tech lead on the project from Google.

Ok, so it’s pretty simple at heart, Google will now automatically connect, find and display relevant content within your searches, based on your public social graph (eg. what social networks you’ve given permission for Google to access) and add them at the bottom of the results page so you can easily see what your friends and connections have been saying about the exact thing you’ve just searched for!

This is pretty cool. In fact, it’s incredibly cool to automatically pull opinions from your networks on the fly, before you get too far down one path in your research. Now here comes the whole “Social Search Optimization” debate….!

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