Google Goats: A Low Carbon Option!

Mon, May 4, 2009
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I didn’t know if I should have been laughing when I read a great article on TechCrunch about Google Goats replacing lawnmowers at their Mountain View Campus in California, but I did – for a while! So the story goes that Google has made moves to help lower its carbon by swapping the lawnmowers for Goats courtesy of California Grazing, who I’m sure by now have more orders than livestock!

Suposedly, each month they bring out around 200 Goats and let them roam the campus eating grass for a few days! So much is the hype about Google Goats, that TechCrunch had almost 300 comments on the post in 2 days and several follow up posts, including video live on campus of the Google Goats!

Here is the official post from Google, the funnier post from TechCrunch and the Followup Video!

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