Google Chrome “Fastball” Mashup Game

Thu, Jul 1, 2010
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Wow. This is seriously cool. Google has just launched a crazy YouTube / Social / App mashup game called Google Chrome Fastball – A Race Across The Internet. The game has the same visual flavour as the “speed test” campaign and challenges you to see if you’re “Chrome Fast” by setting a ball rolling across one of those amazing domino styled courses that activates seamless challenges between YouTube videos that move you physically through the game.

It’s beautiful mix of eye candy, quick cheeky games and technological feats as this game uses seamlessly synced YouTube videos sliced with embedded Google, LastFM, Trends and Twitter apps to race you across the internet in record time, miss an answer and it will slow you down, skip and you’ll pay a penalty. So how’d you do? Are you Chrome Fast?

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