Gmail Priority Inbox Video

Mon, Sep 13, 2010
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12-18 months ago Google would release a new product or service and tell us about it on their official blog, if we were lucky. Fast track a year and they now release a hype video for almost everything they do (a growing industry trend), and it’s working wonders for them from a marketing perspective. Each of the Google product videos are averaging over 1 million views on YouTube alone and this has them ranked the second most viral brand online in 2010.

Now, onto the actual subject, Gmail’s new Priority Inbox. I’m loving it so far. If you haven’t set it up, give it a crack by clicking here to setup your Gmail for it, you’ll never look back and be glad you didn’t. Hopefully, this will signal a tidal change for smarter web apps across the board and I’m excited to see how this kind of feature can be adapted for other Google apps.

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