Gladiator Energy Drink: The USB Can

Mon, May 27, 2013
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Gladiator is an energy drink in Brazil, positioned to help every day office workers through their daily battles… One of those such battles, is finding the elusive USB at critical points in time… We’ve all had that moment when we can’t find a USB before we run out the door, so Gladiator Energy Drinks aims to become the peoples hero, by turning their can into a USB drive…

Simply goto the website, connect to Facebook, scan your can, then get access to upload a file from your computer, which is ‘stored’ in the USB can, and then unlocked when you use the USB Can on another computer! I brilliant idea around the can, but obviously not as usable as you’d probably like a USB to be! I’m not sure if I like the USB Can or the promo video more!

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