@Gillyashes: A Branded Twitter Failure

Mon, Jul 20, 2009
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three gilly ashes twitter campaign
First things first. I’m a huge Adam Gilchrist fan and this is perhaps why I’m most disappointed about this attempted twitter campaign by Three for the 2009 ashes series in England. Three Mobile, sponsors of the Australian cricket team launched a twitter campaign featuring Adam Gilchrist and promising to post exclusive updates throughout the ashes series.

Being a huge fan of Gilchrist and a cricketing nut, I became one of his first 286 followers expecting to get some great commentary, insider information, score updates and even the odd direct interaction with the man himself. But none of that has quite happened yet…

Infact, we’ve seen almost nothing from the @Gillyashes profile over the first two test matches so far. A total of just 15 generic tweets so far and with that, not a single tweet was used to interact with any of his followers.

Searching for @Gillyashes tweets shows hundreds upon hundreds of @tweets directed to Gilly, with about 70% of those asking questions, opinions or advice on the current ashes series – 0 replies… Which is a shame really, as Adam Gilchrist is the kinda personality you’d have expected to get right into twittering, paticurally  when your sponsor is paying you to tweet!

Gilchrist & Three could have created a cult following throughout this series if they were tweeting great content, but they’ve missed the boat and @gillyashes has a ridiculously poor 286 followers at the time of posting…

I can’t say I’ve ever really seen such a high profile brand / personality #fail on twitter – but that was until I experienced the Three Mobile @Gillyashes campaign hanging lifeless & follower-less on twitter.

I’d love to hear some opinion on this? How would such a powerful combination of brand/personality fail to deliver anything remotely decent on what would have been such a simple social medium?

I’m calling this the first #Failed Twitter Campaign from an Australian Brand / Personality… (too harsh?! sorry Gilly, I really didn’t want to offend you in any way!)

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