GazoPa: Similar Image Search Engine

Sun, Nov 15, 2009
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Gazopa Similar Image Search Logo
GazoPa (the similar image search engine) has just hit beta, and If you’ve ever used Google’s Similar Image Search, you’ll notice that GazoPa goes a few steps further by offering some great tools like direct image upload, url link, flickr search and even the option to draw your own shape/image to find similar images. I’m sure this will fast become a favourite with designers around the world! GazoPa is pretty cool, it’s fast, accurate and provides some great flexability in the search, but I thinkthe best feature has to be the image upload…

Remember the time you found an image at random for a pitch, the client loved it, but you needed it a few different ways or you just couldn’t remember where the hell found it!? Well, with the new upload feature on GazoPa, you’ll be able to upload that image, and the search engine will instantly find thousands of variations of an image just like that one based on shape, colour and pattern.
Click here to check them out.

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