Gatorade: Cool New Range, Hot New Website!

Sun, Jun 14, 2009
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gatorade launches new range new website

Gatorade has just launched a new range of specialist drinks, and to go with it, a slick new website to showcase them. The first thing I noticed was a really cool pre-loader that leverages a bunch of their famous lines followed by “That’s Gatorade” and a nice transition into a nice product line up of darkened bottles on a black background, that when rolled over, come to life full of vibrant colour… It also promotes the new drink names that seem to emulate how high-performance gear companies write their product descriptions, which in my opinion is a great step forward.

The site (by TBWA \ Chiat \ Day) is a great mix of beautiful graphics, integrated video and some nice effects. Not only that but even Tiger Woods gets his own drink! Which leads you further into the site where you can explore all the top athletes who use Gatorade and watch video highlights.
Click here to check out the new site.

Personally I’d have loved to see a whole lot more content in there to make me want to return, or to continue interacting with, but hopefully that’s coming?!

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