Mini & Dezeen: The Future of Mobility, imagining a whole new driving experience

Tue, Sep 23, 2014
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Dezeen and MINI Frontiers have teamed up with six cutting-edge young designers to present radical visions for the future of mobility at a major exhibition during the recent London Design Festival. All six projects ask compelling questions about our evolving and soon to be revolutionised relationships with the automobile. My personal favourite was the stained-glass car by Dominick Wilcox .

At first, it seemed a little indulgent and impractical (obviously). It was only when I realised the real insight at the heart of the premise. As stated by the artist, “In a future of fully automated, computer-controlled vehicles, airbags and crumple zones will be a thing of the past. So why not build an intricate stained-glass car?” Bloody brilliant.

Get behind the Scenes with the stained-glass car below:

See all the projects here:

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