The Nissan Leaf iAd Demo Video

Mon, Jul 12, 2010
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Yes, sorry, I’m slightly late in posting this, but I thought it would be better that I archive on Digital Buzz than just let it be lost deep in my twitter favourites.

So this is the full video demo of the Nissan Leaf iAd, showing everything from how iAd banners sit in-app right through to how it plays and allows interaction from the user. It’s very similar to what Steve Jobs demoed, so this footage won’t be a surprise (probably because you’ve also see this video by now), but indeed it’s great to see this iAd close up, along with all the inbuilt interactivity of the leaf iAd that lets you change colours on the fly along with content related to all the key leaf car features, like comparing how far equivalent dollars will take you in a Nissan Leaf compared to things like a Hummer! Thanks to the 375 other blogs I read this on last week!

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