Friskies: HTML5 iPad Games For Cats

Sat, May 21, 2011
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So I’m pretty sure this will be on just about every blog in the world over the next week… As a general rule, if you were to take the iPad and combine that with Cats you’ve got something pretty flammable! But when you can actually download and try it for yourself at home, you might just be onto a winner!

Friskies have created 3 branded HTML 5 / CSS3 games for tablet devices, that play to the natural instincts of cats, and their attraction to movement. While I think its great to see a brand like Friskies jumping into the branded content space, particularly by utilising HTML5, its sad to see that it’s basically a direct rip of games that already existed in the app store, or… is that actually the genius play here, to have unlocked a seriously popular concept to just about any device?

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