French Connection’s New ChatRoulette Comp!

Sun, Mar 7, 2010
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ChatRoulette discovered about 3 weeks ago when it was suddenly featured across a host of US news sites and tv shows. It never takes long, and FCUK (with agency Poke, London) have become the very first brand to try to leverage the success of ChatRoulette and all 500,000+ unique players per day by launching a competition inline with their current The Man, The Woman campaign.

Basically, you have to record a conversation of you seducing a woman to win a $250 voucher! It’s a pretty bold move, as there is some serious spam floating around there already and plenty of things you probably wouldn’t want your brand associated with, but either way they are getting some attention by being the very first to try! Click here to see some of the winners so far!

Check out my favorite video to date…

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