Fracture IO: A New Kind of Photo Booth

Wed, Jul 3, 2013
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Fracture IO is a new form of Photo Booth, an installation to create generative, 3D animated artwork based on the form of the human body. This installation was unveiled at the One Show Awards celebration at the Bowery Hotel in New York recently…

Fracture IO lets users generate asbtract sculptures in real-time using what seems like a ‘standard’ photobooth, but it’s equipped with four Kinect cameras and custom software to take your photo as well as depth data from various angles. It then uses this to turn your human form into a huge polygon 3D mesh which creates a 3D sculpture with animations and shapes generated using the same algorithms behind crystal and organic growth seen in nature. Seriously abstract, but seriously cool… Everyone loves a photo of themselves. What do you guys think? Created by MPC.

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