Foursquare Check In Activated Dog Treats!

Mon, Mar 28, 2011
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If you can excuse the demo video, you’ll find a seriously cool Foursquare campaign installation for GranataPet in Germany, who make a leading range of ultra-premium pet foods.

The idea was to target dog owners as they take their best friend for a walk, positioning a socially activated installation on a key walking path. Dog owners walking past would be stopped by their dogs smelling treats, only to see a billboard saying “Check in. Snack Out” and accompanying information telling each person how to check in with Foursquare to activate a free bowl of dog food.

The catch was, by doing this, each time the dog walked past it would stop, knowing that there was a free source of food waiting for it (conditioning they call it!), and with they were also training the owners to believe their dog loved GranataPet food, driving increased demand in local stores.

I also love the simplicity around the tech side here. Leveraging a widely used social platform to activate a mechanical food release. A cheap-ish installation that was easy and very very effective.

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