Ford Paris: The Parisian Pinball Park Challenge

Mon, Apr 23, 2012
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Rumour has it that Parisian drivers really don’t care about the cars around them and they’ll drive or park where ever and how ever they like… And sometimes… Sorry, most times, that means if they need to squeeze into a car space, they will, anyway they can, complete with bumps, scratches and dints on every corner of the car. They don’t care. Crazy right?!

So Ford Europe, through our friends at Ogilvy Paris, created the Parisian Pinball Park Challenge. A digital installation that was created around a free parking space in Paris, the catch was, the space was small and the cars either side of the parking space were rigged up to the overhead pinball score board… The worse the driver, the more points they scored, with the winner being presented a brand new car complete with active park assist which conveniently parks the car perfectly!

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