Ford Fiesta: Twitter Pre-Launch Case Study

Mon, Nov 22, 2010
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Twitter is only really just taking off in Agrentina and Wunderman Buenos Aires managed to convince Ford to do the pre-launch campaign on Twitter, with great success.

The idea was to give the most followed twitterer in Argentina, the one and only new Ford Fiesta available in the country, with the condition that he drive it for 5 straight days, tweeting about his experience. Now, that’s nothing new, but they managed to twist that strategy a little by getting some of the most famous TV stars to jump in the car and tweet mini interviews wile being driven around in the new car. And after just 5 days, the campaign had reached over 200,000 people, that’s 50% of all twitter users in Argentina, not bad… Wonder what the actual interaction was like? (thanks José!)

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