Ford Fiesta: The Fiestagram Campaign

Thu, Feb 16, 2012
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What do you do when you need to showcase features in a car like the Ford Fiesta? Create an instagram campaign of course!? It’s called The Fiestagram, a campaign run through Facebook via Instagram where a new hashtag associated with one of the Fiesta’s high-tech features, such as #entry, #music and #hidden. People would then submit photos on Instagram, tagged with “#Fiestagram” and that week’s particular hashtag to join the campaign.

With the best photos selected to be featured in real-life galleries and live digital billboards across Europe, while Ford gave weekly prizes to those submitting particularly striking images. And as you’d expect, the final prize was a brand new Ford Fiesta. A pretty simple, but smart and well integrated social campaign to promote high-tech car features… What do you think? Created by Blue Hive.

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