Follow Me: The New European Prius Campaign

Mon, Jul 20, 2009
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new toyota prius europe website
Saatchi & Saatchi have just launched the new Prius campaign for Toyota Europe. The site is a very stylish mix of beautiful video and real life stories that sit along side the new Prius. Everything works around a “follow me” theme where Toyota have selected leaders in sport, music, exploration and conservation to record their stories and advice on creating a greener world, and why they choose to be “Prius” people.

There are a host of beautiful videos, widgets and mini experiences to be explored within the website for each of the new Prius’ Features, like the zero emission driving experience that tracks my website viewing time and compares that against the emissions that a normal car would have generated in that same time compared to the new Toyota Prius.

The site also has a great Google Maps mashup that allows Toyota to recruit new stories. You to plot yourself on the map and write your own story, with standouts to be featured on the site in coming months. Click here to check out the new Prius Europe Website.

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