Fanta “Chase” 3D Projection Mapping, Dubai

Tue, Apr 5, 2011
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The guys at Memac Ogilvy, Dubai have launched a new online campaign for the Coca-Cola brand Fanta with this Fanta Chase 3D Projection Mapping stunt at Dubai Mall, which is pretty cool.

This regional launch of the Fanta Chase campaign is part of a global roll out of the new “More Fanta, Less Serious” approach which aims to make the brand fun and attractive to the teen market across 190 countries. This global campaign was kick started with the debut of this Fanta’s “Chase” commercial on “American Idol” in the US a few days ago.

The campaign has a heavy focus across digital platforms and features this Facebook game which seems to be targeted at that teenage market, check it out here

Fanta Chase Facebook Game

This campaign has certainly brought some fun back to the Fanta brand. What do you think of the new approach?

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