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Tue, Mar 1, 2011
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Today we are launching a pretty cool social campaign designed to help people Increase their Plant/Life Balance. It starts off with a 20,000+ plant give away at major train stations across Australia, with each plant having a special code to be activated through a Facebook app that aims to combine the digital and physical words into an innovative social campaign experience .

Essentially, the Facebook App teaches you how to care for a plant on your desk at work, but it’s a little more, the app challenges you, your friends and co-workers to be part of a 12 week experience that provides an ongoing series of competitions, educational pieces, friend interaction and giveaways as you learn how to improve your Plant/Life Balance.

If you didn’t get a free plant, don’t worry, there is a bring your own feature! You just won’t get the customised growing tips! So grab a plant suitable for indoors (use our cool plant matcher) and jump onto the app to join in a little office fun with your friends and co-workers! Click here to check out the Plant/Life Balance app. The campaign is for the Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia.

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