Facebook Places Explained (video)

Tue, Aug 24, 2010
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So everyone who reads Digital Buzz would have heard about Facebook Places by now, but really, unless you’re in the US, you’ve not had an opportunity to experience exactly what Facebook Places is. So here is the demo video from the official Facebook YouTube Channel.

Facebook Places to me, will ultimately kill off Gowalla & Foursquare over the next few years in the looming battle for the GeoSocial Check In world. That’s a pretty big call with all the VC funding those guys have been getting, but what people probably don’t understand right now, is that Facebook Places isn’t just another location based check in service, and I don’t think it’s even meant to compete directly with them, Facebook Places provides the API that will connect the next generation of mobile applications, websites and beyond.

Think of Facebook Places as if it was the “Like Button”, that button, allowed Facebook to become part of every website in the world. So when you step back and look at the potential of Facebook places, that platform, can now become part of any website, mobile application or campaign that can utilise knowing a user (and their friends) location. Just think about that for a while, it’s bigger than you think…

I’ll try to post some more in-depth thoughts on the potential for marketers with Facebook Places over the coming weeks (things like Geo-Tagging your friends at locations is going to be pretty exciting), but that may just require me to take a trip to the US to try it out. Spare ticket anyone…?

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