Facebook Overtakes MySpace In Search Volume

Mon, Feb 9, 2009
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It’s been a long time coming (or has it!?), but Facebook has now claimed it’s place at the top of the social media search volume tree, if there was ever such a thing! Google Trends indicates that facebook now has the majority search volume of the two, in what looks be a huge (continued) serge of traffic and new users flocking to facebook since October 2008 where the major up-trend stared, but just 12 months before, MySpace was getting over 4x the volume of Facebook, go figure. But to get a better picture, check our the 5 year chart here, it’s a great visual on the rising of both major players. It almost makes you wonder how MySpace didn’t really capitalise on 3 years of solid dominance before Facebook became a major player.

So my question to everyone is, what do you think will happen to the trend lines over the next 6 months? It’s social, so surly there won’t be a 50/50 split, but can facebook sustain continued rocketing growth or will they plateau like MySpace did?

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