Facebook Integration At The Coca Cola Village

Wed, Aug 18, 2010
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If you’ve been wondering how to seamlessly integrate an experiential event with Facebook, here is how to do it, in real time! Again, the guys over in Israel are doing some amazing work, this time it was Publicis (E-dologic) and Promarket who have developed an innovative experiential event for Coca Cola Israel that synced everyone who participated, live with their friends on Facebook.

The Coca Cola Village is a special summer experiential event in Israel, in 2010, they decided to run the event through Facebook, with teenagers needing to collect 10 Coca Cola caps each, gather eight friends who did the same and then register online through Facebook to gain exclusive entry. When they got to the Coca Cola Village, they were asked to setup a special wrist band that would securely hold their Facebook login / password to swipe when starting each activity.

Every time you swiped, it instantly updated your status with what you were doing at the event, keeping your friends up to date in real time. Plus, the wrist band also allowed for automatic tagging of all the photos taken at the Coca Cola Village. The event held 650 teenagers a day, and with the seamless Facebook integration, they generated 35,000+ posts every day for the three days totaling over 100,000 posts for the event!

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