Evian’s “Live Young” Campaign Is A Viral Smash

Sat, Jul 18, 2009
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Evian has really grappled with advertising and it’s image over the past several years longing for mass appeal. It appears that Evian’s time to shine has come with the viral smash oft the “Evian Babies” rollerskating and dancing along with one of the original classic hip-hop tunes that shaped music. There was plenty of footage collected during the making of the spot as well as multiple creative iterations which can be viewed at the Evian Babies YouTube page here. A microsite was created in both English and French which can be explored here. The microsite highlights the commercial as well as Evian’s commitment to health, making a difference globally, line of products, and a chance to meet and greet with the roller babies on a personal basis.

It is really refreshing to see a new creative angle on bottled water, after all bottled water is under fire for health and environmental reasons. Although one may never see or find the Evian Live Young microsite, they are much more likely to stumble across the videos online. A true testament that great creativity can still cause viral sensations and heighten brand awareness. Not to mention rejuvionate and rehydrate a brand deprived of good marketing after all these years. Cheers Evian!

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