Ericsson’s Live Big Cheer Installation

Tue, Jun 22, 2010
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I’m a sucker for these sorts of digital installations. This time Ericsson has created something innovative around the world cup with a glass box placed at their Global HQ, inside the glass box sits 4 special confetti printers, all hooked up to live web cams.

The core idea is about creating a live cheer made from thousands of confetti pieces, with each piece of confetti containing a special message from anyone who sends an SMS, Tweets with the #bigcheer hashtag or submits one through the website. As you submit a cheer message, it’s printed and streamed live to your screen along with the website emailing you a link to a video sequence of your cheer being printed for later reference or sharing.

And to cap it off, any time a goal is scored, an instant light show starts along with a blast of air into the confetti! You can check out the Digital Buzz example here.

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