Pedigree: YouTube Ad Revenue Donations

Mon, Apr 28, 2014
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Pedigree is experimenting with a new way to raise money for its famous ‘Adoption Drive’ campaign, by creating this super cute Doggy video, and enabling YouTube’s revenue sharing model, to make every global view earn money for the cause.

So, in doing my part, I’m posting this to not only feature a smart campaign, but also to get you guys to share it, to help raise money for the dogs! Created by the guys at Colenso BBDO in NZ.

For me, it’s a really interesting play, as I’ve not seen a brand (or charity) try to do this before, it’s a first, and possibly because it comes with the risk of the video not going viral, and big $$ values dreamt of remaining exactly that, a dream. Only time will tell now! But I hope it works…

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