eBook: The Passion Economy

Mon, Feb 23, 2009
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The digital industry has some of the most passionate individuals in business today – but I may be biased. And we must remember to always differentiate between passion and excitement.  However it’s the people I’ve met with limitless energy, a lust for knowledge and who understand sharing is key, I know are fueled by passion.

The opportunity for brands in this space is to be and build the bridges between needs and resources for people. Between people and what they want now, and what they want the future to be. To claim ownership of a need, build a sustainable purpose, engage, enlist, inspire action and make this action a habit.
- Katie Chatfield

Gavin Heaton and Katie Chatfield join  Scott Suthren, Ellen Di Resta, Charles Frith, Mike Wagner, Mack Collier, Mike ArauzAlan Wolk, Peter Flaschner and Matthew Milan – have crafted The Passion Economy.

You can download the eBook or view it on Scribd.

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