eBay: Give-A-Toy Store Window Installation

Wed, Nov 23, 2011
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Here is a really cool and innovative way to evoke our sensitive, giving side this Christmas, with eBay’s amazing Give-A-Toy Store window installation in New York (at 35th and Broadway) and San Francisco (at 117 Post St), or if you can’t get there, you can get the same experience right here.

The interactive store windows provide a view into a rich, 3D Christmas scene, complete with toys, trains, snow and just about everything else you’d expect from a Toy Store. Only, this is a “Give-A-Toy” store and each toy has a QR code on it, that, when scanned from inside the eBay app, allows you to instantly donate that toy (or at least the value of it) on the spot, with the window lighting up and rewarding you for the donation. If you’ve seen any other cool Christmas work so far, send it in!

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