EA Sports ‘Madden NFL GIFERATOR’ Ad Engine

Wed, Oct 15, 2014
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As GIF’s continue to ramp up in popularity across the interweb, brands and entertainment companies are starting to realise the value in a GIF, particularly when they fall into the customisable, almost meme generator type scenario. And when you take that to sport, what do you get? Awesomeness…

EA Sports has launched the ‘Madden GIFERATOR’. A Real-Time Taunt Engine where you can ‘GIF your Rivals’ during every NFL game, for every big moment… It’s all powered by the Madden gaming engine and live NFL game data, creating real-time animated GIF’s of the big plays, ready for you to customise them, comment in them, and share them with friends/rivals around the world. Created by the guys at Heat, Grow + Google. #ArtCopyCode

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