Dymocks: Tweet A Review Campaign

Tue, May 11, 2010
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Yesterday we launched Dymocks’ first social media campaign (or promotion if you like) called “Tweet A Review” and as it sounds, it’s a really simple idea for people to grasp but challenging at heart, requiring you to tweet an entire book review in just 140 characters including the #101comp and @dymocksbooks address, so to be successful you really need to get creative, write shorthand and have a little fun with the reviews.

We are giving away books every day and the entire set of the top 101 books. Just follow Dymocks on twitter or you can even participate on facebook with a custom app that we built to ensure we didn’t break Facebook’s promotional guidelines, they forbid anyone running competitions on a wall. (are you guilty of this?!)

The objective is to drive new followers and create an engagement platform that Dymocks can utilise moving forward. Central to a lot of book lovers are generally book reviews (think Opra’s Book Club!), so this forms a great platform for us to connect people through facebook and twitter by allowing them to share creative, shorthand reviews in the social sphere, allowing anyone to get involved and review books without feeling like they are being judged by those super intelligent bookies!

So far there has been some fantastic conversation around the campaign with hundreds and hundreds of reviews on the first day, plenty of rivalry, even more funny ones and a seriously good 80% growth in followers in just under 24 hours (yes, that is off a smallish base!).

My favourite review so far is: @joshuatreee #101comp @Dymocksbooks – Where’s Wally. Man, that guy is hard to find.

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