Durex: The Lover’s Fortune Teller Installation

Tue, Sep 20, 2011
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Here is a great installation piece from Durex in Taiwan, a place where the young are fixated on two things, gaming and… well I think you get it. So, our friends at Ogilvy. created Xerud: The Lover’s Fortune Teller, a real, completely genuine fortune teller experience for your love life.

Xerud, which of course is Durex reversed, is essentially an unbranded experiential sampling installation. Durex built a number of these and then deployed them into popular gaming locations, bars and even nightclubs, with the aim to create awareness of safe sex through the fortune tellers… and the upside, a free Durex product sample with each fortune told!

The results have been outstanding. With 77 targeted and relevant samples being handed out every hour, a huge improvement over street sampling at 22 p/h to somewhat untargeted audiences…

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