Durex Launches World’s First Dual Screen Ad

Sun, Nov 30, 2014
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DUREX creates a new way to interact with its ads, with a short film that follows a mail boy delivering a package of condoms to an apartment block that seems to be full of people having some fun… as the film shows you various couples getting a little hot/steamy through windows .etc

But, if you’ve got the app (iTunes or Google Play) and then point your phone at the TV or computer screen where the ad is playing, it automatically syncs to uncover the ads alternative views on the second screen, so you can enjoy those other steamy moments.

The tech works by using the mobile device’s camera and microphone to sync the ad, unlocking exclusive content and of course, the new Durex eComm store in which it was actually an ad for… Kinda fun. What do you guys think? Created by Havas Worldwide.

I expect to see these new ‘Dual Experience’ ads and content become a much bigger trend in 2015 as brands start to explore new ways to tell stories with tech. But was this actually a world first?

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