Doritos: The Dip Desperado Advergame

Sun, Jul 10, 2011
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It’s not very often that you see a TVC that promotes a Facebook app so it was very exciting to see this latest Doritos integrated campaign offering from the UK. First of all the TVC is fun to watch and tells a moving story of the rise and fall of Esteban Ortega, a professional Dorito flicker. The short film style TVC closes on a call to action that drives the user to a supporting gaming element which can be played through Facebook or through a mobile device, both iOS and Android.

Check out the Facebook game here. It’s a pretty simple idea but is executed nicely and let’s users see how they compare to their Facebook friends, and as with the best simple games, it’s also pretty dam addictive. Interestingly, the advergame is also available on iPhone and Android…

The campaign was created by our friends at AMV BBDO. Thanks for sharing Naomi – we are looking forward to seeing the campaign results. What do you guys this more integrated approach?

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