Doritos: iD3 Advergame Launches

Tue, Jul 28, 2009
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Doritos ID3 Advergame Interactive Experience
A little while ago I posted about the upcoming Doritos ID3 Campaign. Well, it’s now live and the 3 part advergame is currently in stage one of the interactive adventure that’s being used to promote the limited edition mystery flavour – and it’s very very cool.

The ID3 Advergame allows players to go undercover to help unlock the truth behind a mysterious case of mistaken identity in a ?choose your own adventure? style game. Each episode contains a mixture of fully interactive 3D levels, sound recognition, interactive scenes, and film content.

But here is where it gets cool – it’s uniquely integrated with Facebook Connect, so the advergame pulls content directly from the player?s Facebook profile and then dynamically inserts it into the film footage. Where most applications with Facebook Connect technology use it simply to populate a profile, iD3 uses it to personalise the entire game and extend it directly into Facebook.
Click here to check out the game!

Note: If you’re not in the UK – chances are you can’t buy a pack to enter, so I’m hunting them down for free pack codes so everyone can experience the game! It was created by Initials.

(Codes you can use!! PR00231692, PR00234064, PR00234751, PR00236232, PR00238664, PR00242615, PR00244763, PR00245814, PR00247392, PR0025446)

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