Domino’s Think Oven: Innovation Sourcing

Fri, Feb 10, 2012
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Domino’s have always claimed an innovation story, in fact a lot of their best selling products have come from store staff, not the head office chefs. Looking beyond just Domino’s, most businesses now attract innovative ideas via their social channels, free of charge from customers who love them, but while their social media policy mandates they listen, then never “really” listen, let alone act.

So Domino’s have just launched the “Think Oven“, an innovation/idea sourcing app on Facebook, created to formalise a process for the brands millions of fans, while rewarding them for great ideas in the process. Fans can participate in two ways, by influencing “projects”, or just submit innovative “ideas”, both are different streams set to help harness the power of the community. By CP+B.

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