Domino’s: The Social Pizza

Sun, Mar 18, 2012
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Tomorrow Domino’s Pizza in Australia will launch a new campaign on Facebook called “The Social Pizza”, this ‘Social Pizza’ app will allow their 500,000 fans to create a custom-made pizza which will feature on the real Domino’s Menu.

Facebook fans will be building the pizza by voting on their favourite crust, sauce and ingredients. The most popular selection each day will be added to the pizza, with the final product to feature on the menu for fans to try out for real. Plus fans will have the chance to win $1k by naming the pizza.

This is a great way for Domino’s utilise their community to create something they can then buy in store. And importantly, It’s going to be a great way to experiment crowd sourced products from a sales perspective… Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Will it become a best seller? Nice work BMF.

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