Domino’s Pizza Hero Advergame for iPad

Tue, Nov 22, 2011
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Today Domino’s launched “Pizza Hero” a new semi-real-time advergame that challenges you to become just that, a Pizza Hero as you battle people from around the world to top the leaderboard. The app is pretty cool, and will have you kneading dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling cheese, placing toppings, and cutting slices as you race against the clock.

You score is based on the pizza quality and how quickly you made it. The more you play it, the tougher it gets and the addiction sets in, which I think in part, is because of the real-world nature of the app. It’s something tangible that you could actually physically make and that’s got an appeal to the realness of the gaming concept. Click here to check it out. Created by our friends at CP+B.

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