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Wed, Dec 10, 2008
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Well, after a week customising the blog interface and a few little widgets on wordpress we are up and running! What’s up and running you say? It’s going to be a great new blog covering everything digital, interactive & online from around the world. Ok, plus a few tv ads and random cool stuff because we know you love that kind of thing! Best of all, we will post new digital work from around the world, every day (so make sure you subscribe on the top right – thanks to feedburner).

For those who care, it won’t be just creative work like a lot of other blogs, we will try to make sure there is a mix of strategic campaigns, latest industry news, new technology and even things like seo, virals and best practice design. So no matter what you like, there will be something interesting to see every day!

So this is the first official post and I’d love to put a call out to anyone who might be interested in contributing to this new blog. If your in advertising, design, digital, an online entrepreneur or all of the above (usually the case!) we’d love to hear from you. We are looking for 5-10 contributors from across the globe to take an interest and post just once a week, so if you would love nothing more than to participate in a great new site showcasing the best of the best, leave me a note in the comments to this post!

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