Diesel’s Real Life “Likes” via QR Codes

Fri, Jun 3, 2011
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Now this is a really exciting development in terms of bringing Facebook likes into the real world at point of sale. Is this a game changer from Diesel? They have introduced QR codes in their stores which enable you to “Like” a product by scanning a QR code which then posts to your Facebook wall. At the moment it is trialing in Diesel stores in Madrid, Spain but if successful may well be rolled out across Europe.

Imagine the strength of this if the Like post had a call to action – such as an incentive to buy – online or in-store. Nevertheless this is a huge step forward in terms of integrating Facebook sharing with real life shopping. I love this idea and the possibilities that this brings.

This interesting development is courtesy of Fullsix, a European wide marketing communications group. What do you think?

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