Diesel: The Facebook Spreadsheet App

Sat, Jun 18, 2011
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Here is the latest digital campaign from Diesel, it’s called “Be Stupid At Work” and is centred around a desktop application called the “Excellbook”. Weird right? Well, it’s pure genius actually.

Diesel’s Excellbook becomes your entire Facebook stream, it just happens to have been fed into an Adobe Air App that looks like a spreadsheet, meaning your boss might just not notice you posting status updates and using FB chat while hard at work! Ok, so that probably doesn’t apply to most people who read this blog, but I’m sure you can picture it, we’ve all got friends who need this!

I really love this concept, it leverage’s a desire millions of office workers have to access Facebook secretly at work, and if pushed well, should generate some buzz pretty quickly. You can configure the spreadsheet text as you wish to make it more relevant, but unfortunately it just doesn’t scale to widescreen size, and I just wonder how much traction it will actually get in the corporate world with all those IT restrictions… What do you think? Will it actually be downloaded?

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