DIESEL: Shopable Spring Video Catalogue

Wed, Mar 31, 2010
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Diesel has just launched their 2010 Spring / Summer Catalogue and have followed a growing trend of creating an interactive video catalogue that allows you to shop inside that experience. While this is a nice execution, the video itself is pretty funky, and the interactivity very cool, the actual shopping experience is clunky and pretty dam annoying (for me anyway).

What happens, is that while you are viewing the video, you can interact with each product, getting a close up shot complete with product name and 2x call to actions “info” and “buy”. But when you click either of them, it opens a new window to load the product in the standard Diesel shopping cart, ultimately making me switch in and out of multiple screens through the entire catalogue, very clunky.

What it should have done, is allow me to add each item to a wishlist inside the video that can be added to throughout the experience, then once I’m done and happy with my selection, launch the wishlist to the Diesel site for more information on each of the products (probably in summary form so I can compare/browse) and ultimately into detail for each item and to checkout.

There is no way I’d buy an item before I’d seen the entire range, so it seems pointless to take me away from the catalogue experience part way through and into the conversion funnel, of which there is a new window for every product you’re interested in!

But at the end of the day, it’s a great concept and cool experience in what I’d say is a new catalogue trend where branding meets functionality in a great mix of interactivity. I’m looking forward to seeing the next interactive video catalogue.

You can also check out the Adidas Video Catalogue here in one of my other posts recently.

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