Dexter ARG Campaign Kicks Off Season 5

Mon, Aug 9, 2010
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Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) seems to be growing bigger every year and for the most part, it’s probably driven by events like Comic-Con where in 2010, the fith season of dexter was previewed with an ARG campaign by Showtime to drive hype in the lead up to the season launch. Websites, blogs, forums, videos, twitter riddles, DM’s, voice mails, location challenges and of course, treasure hunts were in order create the ARG

The ARG started with a hunt on SCVNGR (the mobile treasure hunt app platform) leading players to a secret kill room at Comic-Con to look for more clues, those clues eventually lead you to a special sleep analysis website, with clues pointing to a twitter user named urnameurlife and then onto a person known as “Serial Huntress” who has setup a website for crowdsourcing serial killer convictions. She is currently uploading a new video with information, clues and questions every week in the hope of getting the community to help close the infinity killer case.

Along the way, fans have been unlocking exclusive content, like the season five teaser that was activated after getting 100,000 recorded “kills” through the SCVNGR app. So if you want to see where everything is up to, you can check out one of the many ARG forums here, here and here. Oh, and they even build a special slasher app so you could create a signature Dexter cheek cut.

We all remember The Dark Knight ARG Game launched at Comic-Con last year don’t we? That became the absolute benchmark for all ARG’s, I’m just not sure I’ll ever see one as good!

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