Domestic Abuse Education or Hit The Bitch?

Sat, Nov 21, 2009
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This interactive website for Denmark’s anti-domestic abuse education program asks visitors to participate in a game called “Hit The Bitch” using their webcam. Although seemingly harmless on the surface, this site serves a very deep and important purpose of helping educate people about the negative effects of spousal and domestic abuse. Although difficult to understand the entirety of the message due to being in Danish, you can see hear and feel the power of the message once a user has engaged.

This site is sure to be seen and talked about will undoubtedly shake up the advertising and design world. It should be known that in no way does Digital Buzz Blog or it’s staff look at this as a humorous execution. This site and campaign clearly have the best intentions in mind, and that is education and providing easy access to help for those who need it.

Update: They’ve removed the website from international visitors due to high demand (or so it says). So we’ve posted a video that was uploaded to YouTube demonstrating the website.Hit The Bitch Social Campaign

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