Daffy’s Interactive Peep Show in NYC

Sun, Oct 3, 2010
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Daffy’s is a fashion retailer in NYC, just opposite Macy’s in Herald Square. For their fall fashion launch, they created a street-level event that blended window shopping, a fashion show and an interactive peep show to create live interaction from hundreds of passers by for an entire day and night. The idea was simple, get a bunch of great looking models ready to try on any items in the new fashion range, then ask the public at street level to text a special number for each model, asking them to try on and then take off a particular item.

Each message was projected onto the store window, allowing everyone in the huge crowd to follow the conversation, while the models themselves, each used a phone to interact with people on the street. What a great way to take window visual merchandising to the next level! The event was created by agency DeVito Verdi. Not a first, but very cool…

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