Curacao Treasure Hunt Competition & Campaign

Sat, Mar 14, 2009
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curacao treasure hunt campaign and competition
Launching on March 16, the Curacao Treasure Hunt Competition Campaign created by M&C Saatchi (North America) is giving people to chance to win $500k from the Island of Curacao, one of the more beautiful but lesser known tourist hot-spots in the Caribbean I’m told! Now this isn’t any ordinary campaign, this is the Curacao Treasure Hunt, and they are literally burying $500,000 in cash somewhere on the island! Check out the campaign website and get your self in the running to be part of the 2 day, island wide treasure hunt.

Campaign wise, there is a cool little iPhone App (the Caribbean’s first!) that allows you to bury your own treasure on one of the beaches and challenge a friend to find it! Plus there is the ususal banners, search (lets see where digital buzz ranks!) an interesting 30sec TVC and direct mail in what they are hoping to be a huge lead & database generation campaign for the island. I’m interested to see, with such a big prize pool, what the CPA ends up at! View the website here.

Update: Seeing that we rank No.1 for “Curacao Treasure Hunt” (at this point in time) it will be very interesting to see what kind of traffic swings our way once they launch the Curacao Treasure Hunt campaign online and on TV. Anyone interested is a guess?

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