Crossy Road: A Super Addictive Mobile Game

Mon, Mar 9, 2015
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Flappy Bird? How about Crossy Road instead… A new super addictive mobile game that’s had over 50 Million downloads since it launched 3 months ago, pulling in over $10m in revenue. And while perhaps that $10m isn’t a huge number, when the game was made by just 2 guys from Australia, that’s a jackpot.

Crossy Road is actually a great story of how to crack the mobile gaming market, it plays like a version of the 1980s arcade mainstay Frogger, with better 3-D graphics and wacky characters in place of the vintage game’s log-hopping amphibian. In the new game, a pixel-art chicken has to cross the road, dodging obstacles like cars and predators, to get to the other side. It’s an “easy to learn but hard to master” tap-and-swipe game that is instantly engaging. Read more about it here.

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