Compare The Meerkats Digital Campaign

Fri, Jan 9, 2009
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I love this campaign. It’s bold, it’s quirky and best of all, it’s usually the type of campaign that a client never buys (this time they did), particurally when its website and URL’s can easily be confused or misheard. The Compare The Meerkats Campaign is basically a play on Compare the Market (car insurance) that utilises a cool viral concept to help boost awareness, branding traffic and with a hint of future SEO backlink genius - the campaign has a range of great digital executions including a complete spoof microsite, youtube clips, facebook pageand a hilarious twitter feed that is really well managed. I even love how you can select and compare from a range of meerkats on the site.

Now, whether or not this campaign is as effective as it could be, or wether it will actually go viral is very debatable, but I applaud the marketing team at CTM for being bold enough and brave enough to let their agency produce something fantastic, that 99% of car insurance companies wouldn’t even touch. This is a great example of the digital content that engages customers and generates buzz. 

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