Color: The Location Based Social Photo App

Sun, Mar 27, 2011
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Instagram has taken the app world by storm, but here comes the challenger in a universe obsessed with instant photo sharing, complete with a tonne of great social features, and minus the need to “filter” everything for coolness, instead, showcasing location based group albums.

Now, it’s not just “location” as the primary feature, its actually all about creating social photo albums based around those locations, from you, your friends and every other stranger within 150 feet. The app takes everything into the “multi-lens” view, were you can literally see every photo being taken right now, with in that 150 feet, allowing you to experience a location or say, an event, from other perspectives in real time. It also allows you to comment and interact with the people taking photos.

At first glance, this is about to become a “must have” event/party app, but I suspect it might just be a little more in the long run as people discover the power of social perspective. Get the app here.

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