Coke Zero: TRON LiveCycle ARG iPhone App

Sun, Nov 28, 2010
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This is one of the latest campaigns out of CP+B for Coke Zero’s partnership with the new Disney TRON: Legacy movie. It’s an alternate reality game that is played in the real word (locations) through your iPhone. The iPhone app lets you create your own light walls as you move down streets, suburbs and cities with the goal of topping the leaderboard as you force other ARG gamers to crash into your light walls, while you avoid theirs!

I couldn’t find anything around prizes or rewards which was a little weird, potentially too hard to police? But I do know they will be releasing a new version shortly that includes an upgraded/special multi-player mode, so stay tuned. Overall, it’s a great concept, so I’m keen to see how many people will be out there creating light walls without the prize focus. It’s similar to the recent Mini Getaway ARG Campaign that I posted about recently. (note the great live tracking system)

The Coke Zero ARG campaign app is socially integrated through your Facebook account (the only way to play) and also has inbuilt AI opponents in case your Facebook friends are not around to play. You can check out the website here or find it on iTunes to download here.

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